Denture repair is needed if you notice there are any noticeable damages or cracks. At Brunswick Dental Laboratory, we appreciate just how upsetting it can be to have your dentures repaired or replaced. That’s why we ensure our denture repairs are completed quickly and efficiently, allowing you to carry on with your life as normal. We’re also able to provide emergency denture repair for those who are in desperate need. We’re here to give you a helping hand when you need it most, so get in touch today!

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All Types of Repairs

Don’t let broken or cracked dentures get you down. Take advantage of our emergency repair service today. Smile your brightest smile again, whether it's a single tooth or multiple teeth that require repair. Our team has the skills and tools on hand to offer a cost-effective and express service for you.

Denture Repairs

For Your Reassurance

As well as offering an excellent and efficient repair service, we also provide unrivalled aftercare. This ensures that everything goes smoothly, and that your dentures are acting as they should.

Important Information


Simply call into our practice, or telephone ahead for denture repairs. Our fast response service means that most dentures are repaired within a few hours, and the longest we take is a couple of days.


All quotations for our repair work are based on the type of repair required. Contact our team for your personalised quote.

Contact us, in Greenford, Middlesex, to learn more about our emergency dental repairs.

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Emergency Repairs

Please note that our emergency denture repair service is only available during normal working hours. However, we do appreciate how important it is to have your dentures repaired at the earliest opportunity. To find out more about our emergency denture repair services, simply get in touch with our team today!

Here at Brunswick Dental Laboratory, we take great pride in providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that the denture work we carry out is of the utmost quality and doing everything we can to meet the needs of our customers. With more than 25 years of experience, we provide excellent service for all our customers and ensure our rapid service is personalised to your every need.